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  • Henry Urbina
    General Manager

    Welcome! I'm Henry Urbina, General Manager at Epic Auto Sales. I understand the value of your hard earned money and want to ensure that you are satisfied when you purchase or service a vehicle at Epic Auto Sales. Over the past 15 years, I've had first hand experience working in each department and have worked from the ground up. Starting in the auto industry as an exporter and slowly moving into the sales team for several Independent and Franchise dealers. Therefore, I know what it takes to satisfy customers and I want to make sure your experience here is exceptional. If you haven't shopped at Epic Auto Sales lately, look again! We have earned experience and reputation over the years from hard work, which ensures you top-quality service you've come to expect from us!

  • Hayden Hunte
    Finance Manager

    Hello! My name is Hayden Hunte. I'm the Finance Manager at Epic Auto Sales. I have been in the automotive industry for about 19 years, but I've only been in the sales part of the industry for about 5 years. My previous experiences in this industry has come from the auto service end. I have great knowledge about vehicles and I am a true car guy. I am passionate about my career and take pride in helping my customers find their dream cars. To me the "The best automotive sales-person is the one who loves cars and is honest to his customers." and I love cars!! I've been with Epic Auto Sales for about 3 years now and don't see my self selling cars anywhere else.

  • Geraldine Whitten
    Office Manager

    Hello, my name is Geraldine Whitten. I am the office manager for Epic Auto Sales. One of my jobs here at Epic Auto Sales is to process title transfers and I am usually the one who contacts customers, when their license plates come in. I'm always available to answer any questions you might have.

  • Ernesto Silva
    Floor Manager

  • Simon Nguyen
    Sales Consultant

  • Rodrick King
    Sales Consultant
    346-236-9005 / cell: 832-564-5470

  • Blake
    Service Technician

  • Jessica Bass
    Service Advisor

  • Romero Ramos

  • Nikki Worsham
    Office Assistant

  • Flash
    Detail Specialist

    Hi, I'm Flash and I'm a detail specialist at Epic Auto Sales. On my off days, I like to spend time with family and friends, watch soccer, go fishing and trying out new restaurants.